Infocomm Security Awareness Day 2011

[ Event coverage brought to you by year 1 DISM student Dixon Soo ]

ITSA, or known as Infocomm Security Awareness day has been held on 23rd November 2011. This event was organized by DMIT School and Diploma in Security Management course mates.

In the year of 2011, most of the students own at least a laptop and mobile device, but how many of them who truly understand how secure their privacy? Speaking of that, this main purpose of this event is to educate students to be aware of privacy issues in the internet and mobile device.

On that day itself, 4 booths have been set up near Foodcourt 6 and in front of MLT 12. Different issues and topics are exhibited on each booth. This includes Instant Messaging Sniffing, Mobile Device Security, Online privacy and at last but not least, usage of proxy. Meanwhile with live demonstration of instant messaging sniffing and mobile spying being done on the spot, students are being attracted to have a look. Mini prizes are also given out to students who answered correctly few questions that set by us in each booth.

The event came to its climax when students are being invited to attend the Information Seminar which covers the topics of Mobile Security. The seminar started off with an opening address from Mr. Liew, lecturer of SP DMIT which introduces the speakers from the industries. The first speaker, Mr. Leonard Ong, director of ISACA Academic Outreach, mentioned of being more security conscious with mobile devices. The next speaker which is Mr. Rajkumar Rajagobalan, General Manager of Lilly Co-Innovation Lab, HCL Singapore. He covers the topic of Security Pitfalls of Mobile Applications. Our last speaker is Mr. Hiten Shah, he emphasis on Security issues that caused by Mobile Devices. Mini prizes are given out to participants during Quiz Session. Furthermore, a lucky draw event took place and prizes were given out to lucky participants at the end of the event.

Overall, this event was responded well by the students and the purpose of this event was accomplished.

Booths of ITSA along the corridor of MLT 12
MSN Sniffing Booth
Privacy Booth
Proxy Booth
Students are being engaged in the life demonstration of Instant Messaging Sniffing
Our Booth Ambassador explaining the importance of privacy
Student being attracted to the booth.
Giving out free Live cd that protects one’s privacy
Students are excited of the live demonstration
Seminar Emcee
Opening address by Mr.Liew
Speech given by Mr. Leonard Ong
Mr.Leonard Ong warns about the permission used by mobile applications
Speech given by Mr. Rajkumar Rajagobalan
Speech given by Mr. Rajkumar Rajagobalan
Speech given by Mr. Hiten Shah
Mr.Hiten Shah
Students answering a quiz
A token of appreciation was given to Mr. Leonard Ong
Lucky draw winner for a Starbucks card
Grand prize lucky draw winner.
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