Competition Training & Sharing Session

A one-day training and sharing session in preparation for the upcoming Capture The Flag competitions such as GovernmentWare Singapore Cyber Conquest and Hack In The Box in Kuala Lumpur was organized by the SP-ISACA Student Group (ISG) in collaboration with the DISM Student Interest Group  on the 6th of September.

Final year students including ISG instructor Ng Choon Heng and Ku Wee Kiat conducted the session in a workshop-like style. Some of the topics shared are CTF fundamental knowledge, pre-competition setup, team building and dynamics, method and skills of communication during tournament, useful tools and software as well as common providers and frameworks for self-training and practice.

Opening speech on behalf of SP-ISACA Student Group
Student instructor Ng Choon Heng setting up
Beginning the morning session of workshop
Year 1 student Nikolas Tay receiving one-to-one guidance
Demonstration of foot-printing software Maltego
Happily walking to lunch!
Afternoon session conducted by Ku Wee Kiat
Demonstration of DNS lookup through various means
Common JavaScript obfuscation method

Year 1 and 2 participants said they benefited quite a bit from the session at the end of the day. At the same time some junior students such as Bai Jiacheng from year 2 and Nikolas Tay from year 1 also expressed their interest in learning more on Wireless Auditing and Web Application Vulnerabilities. Hopefully it would be covered in the future sessions to come.

Let us wish those who would be taking part in the coming tournaments good luck and all the best. Make us proud guys!

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